I root for men who know how to speak  mafixingso mafixingso .


I root for men who know how to speak

"Anchor and Mollywood actress Pearle Maaney who conducts personality development workshops states that good looks are not a disadvantage but only add to the overall appeal of his personality."Echoing this opinion is Subrahmanian Santakumar, former director of a leading telecom company in Bengalaru.Though the study says that good looks could be a disadvantage in competitive fields like sales or investment banking, not many headhunters and executives agree with these findings. Ultimately it is about understanding yourself and the people around you. When I was young, obviously good looks mattered because you are influenced by the heroes you see on screen but as you grow older you realise that good looks add on to how the man behaves, believes and speaks".

Now comes a study that says that good looking men may actually be at a disadvantage in the workplace.A study says good looks can be an impediment at the workplace but headhunters and professionals totally pooh pooh the ideaMost people would agree that good looking people have it easier when it comes to relationships, careers or simply getting their way. Naveen S. This study was conducted by researchers from University College London’s School of Management and the findings were based on four experiments involving 870 volunteers; good looking men, according to them, are more likely to be rejected for competitive roles requiring individual talent such as sales or investment banking, but picked for jobs in which team performance is rewarded, to enable the decision-maker to further his own career. I think anyone, irrespective of looks who is competent and a known performer is a threat to other colleagues from a growth point of view! I don’t think there is scope for organisations to give or deny brownie points based on a person’s physical experience. Pillai, an HR professional based in Chennai, opines, "Good looks may initially be an advantage than a disadvantage at an entry level in sales or direct marketing but afterwards your career growth depends on your work quality. Those who did the study found that being handsome can actually impede a man’s professional progress as male colleagues tend to be reluctant to promote those deemed better-looking than themselves.

 In fact I once advised one of my sloppily dressed colleagues to take more care of his appearance but that sloppiness would never be an impediment Rubber gasket Manufacturers to his promotions. He opines, "Good looks are absolutely not a disadvantage! If I was recruiting candidates for a sales and marketing position, I would definitely look at their ability which would mean their grasp over the product or concept and then look at their presentability because they represent the face of the company so a well groomed and well dressed man would be more appealing. She says, "I root for men who know how to speak and carry themselves well! I personally feel if a man thinks that his good looks are being held against him at his work place, then he can tone down his appearance and impress his boss through his work.

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