Pakistan routinely ranks among the worlds  mafixingso mafixingso .


Pakistan routinely ranks among the worlds

Islamabad: A popular Pakistan broadcast journalist said Monday he had drop in anchor officially complained to police about being assaulted by a government minister, who responded by saying it was "an unfortunate incident"."He came across me and misbehaved again and then it happened," he added."He slapped me, used abusive language, and threatened me with dire consequences," Ibrahim told police in a written complaint seen by AFP.

Chaudhry was appointed science and technology minister in April."That incident shouldnt have happened but it did, unfortunately," Chaudry told Neo News.Police in Faisalabad confirmed receiving the complaint.Chaudhry, a former information minister in Prime Minister Imran Khans cabinet, told Neo News that Ibrahim had "misbehaved" by previously calling him an "Indian spy".

Pakistan routinely ranks among the worlds most dangerous countries for media workers and reporters have frequently been detained, beaten and even killed for being critical of the government or powerful military.Sami Ibrahim, an anchor and executive with the private Bol News TV channel, said he was attacked by science and technology minister Fawad Chaudhry at a wedding Friday in Faisalabad

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