The state government may appoint a few administrative  mafixingso mafixingso .


The state government may appoint a few administrative

The study would be helpful in seeing whether the policy, scheme or service is being properly implemented or not, or the policy itself has a loophole, or whether the policy, scheme or China wedge anchors Manufacturers service should be continued at all.


The IPR system would definitely help to improve the policy of implementing process. Initially, the government will take up some policies on a pilot basis and later, cover the rest of the schemes, policies and services.After appointing an Officer of Special Duty (OSD) in the chief minister’s office (CMO), who, many a time, supersedes the decisions of bureaucrats and decides policies, the Maharashtra government will now establish a "think tank" that will be named as Institute of Policy Research (IPR) and will work on the lines of Centre for Policy Research, (CPR) reviewing existing schemes and policies.The official pointed out that at present, there was no system or method to evaluate existing schemes or policies.Speaking with select media on condition of anonymity, a senior state government official said that the IPR would study schemes, policies and services and find out whether they need any amendments or improvements in implementation so that taxpayers’ money is utilised properly.


The official added that the state government would take assistance from the reputed Harvard Business School in this exercise. After its notification in the Government Resolution, the government expects to implement it from January 2017.


The state government may appoint a few administrative officers and hire private experts on policy for the purpose.The state administrative training institute, YASHADA, in Pune, will anchor the research.The government is in the process of finalising the draft proposal expected to be tabled before the state cabinet for final approval

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